Private Lending

Private Lending

Private lending is commonly referred to as a “non-bank” loan, or “asset lend”, and can be used for most forms of investment or business lending.

Private lending operates in a non-bank environment where individual investors provide the capital required for borrower’s specific loans, and are typically for short term borrowing purposes.

Capital Growth provides access to a large number of boutique lenders who provide private lending solutions. Private lending is available to the following potential client scenarios:

  • Business person who can’t prove lender’s loan serviceability
  • To raise short term Equity/ Capital
  • Rural or Specialised property asset lend
  • Builder or developer, tired of all the red tape
  • Land Banking Finance
  • Investor looking for a short term lending solution
  • Mezzanine Funding
  • Caveat Advances
  • Joint Venture Funding
  • Requiring top-up funds and seeking a second mortgage loan
  • Between homes and needing to settle a bridging loan fast – but can’t find anyone to help
  • Or simply seeking a fast, straightforward private loans

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