Employee Groups

Recent statistics claim the most important employee packing requests sought by employees is financial services. In a study of the top 10 packaging requests 67% of employees are wanting Home Loan benefits, yet only 15% of Employers offer such.

Through our National Finance alliances your employees are able to directly benefit financially from our services.

This is achieved via an alliance with a preferred Financial Partner, who together with Capital Growth, package a special offering unique to your employees only.

Importantly it is your employees who are the winners as through your affiliation they are able to access a wide range of loan and property facilities at discounted rates , and receive additional benefits.

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Top 10 Packaging Requests

Home Loans 67 15 52
Professional Services (eg. accounting,legal etc) 52 4 48
Home Computer or Internet Packages 57 10 47
Holidays, Recreation or Entertainment 56 11 45
Staff Pensions 53 12 41
Personal/Car Loans 54 14 40
Banking Services or Credit Cards 48 10 38
Health Insurance 57 21 36
Financial Planning 63 31 32
Non-Super Savings 45 15 30
Source: BRW: Mercer Human Resource Consulting

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