Debtor/Invoice Finance

Debtor/Invoice Finance

Debtor finance is a form of finance used to improve a business’s operating cash flow using its accounts receivable ledger as collateral.

Generally, businesses have low working capital reserves that can cause cash flow or liquidity issues as a result of payment terms in place with their debtors. Debtor finance solutions fund against outstanding invoices to improves the cash flow of a business.

Capital Growth provides access to a large number of major and boutique lenders who provide debtor finance (also known as invoice discounting, factoring, invoice finance or working capital finance) to suite a business’s need.

The Benefits of Debtor Finance include:

  • Immediate access to cash when you invoice
  • More flexibility than a bank overdraft
  • No property security required
  • Facilities limits range from small amounts to large
  • The facility acts as a revolving line of credit for your business
  • Finance is fast, and a flexible source of funding designed to grow in line with your sales
  • Improves cash flow management
  • Can be utilised to fund expansion or growth of a business
  • Provides more time for management to focus on managing and growing their business

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